Our Vision

PAKOSAN is engaded in production of Cam Swıtch, with experienced managers
and qualified specialists. PAKOSAN is a fast growing company with
principles of quality and customers satisfaction. Owing to quality production
and a will to over come difficulties, ın a short time the company has
become recognized and well known in its sector. In present company exports
products to 25 countries in the world and all over Turkey. We started
our business with qualified specialists to be among the best. So company
takes control over all the process from design of product till the safety of
ultimate consumer using high quality raw materials and modern machines.
Unbreakable rules of company is quality, service, delivery on time and acceptable price. All our products are
produced by international standarts and have certificates of quality. PAKOSAN, which is working with the
principle of honesty and quality service , thanks you, for your close interest and support, we will continue to
serve for you today and in the future.