What is Cam Switch

In general, CAM SWITCHES is defined by the controling of switching on and off electrial circuits. It is widely used in cases where
electronic control is not used not or not economical.
Widely used domains are as follows;
1- Command circuits for generatos, regulators welding machinery and equipment.
2- All control and compensation panels.
3- All motor control circuts.
4- Power supply control.
5- Power and currents measuring devices.
6- Areas where frequent on-off switching is required.
7- All circuits where control is required.
PAKOSAN is producing under two series called BLUE and PURPLE where both series are economical and easily installed.
The body is produced with a high quality non flamable and self-extinguishing raw material called UREA FORMALDAHET.
All our CAM SWİTCHES are produced and designed according to uptodate requirements. Pakosan has a wide range of 1250
different switches which allows it to meet the requirements of all sectors. Pakosan is one of the rare companies in its field have
reached perfection.
Pakosan products ranges from 10 A to 200 A. Easy installation and an elaborate laboratory and quality control system allows
Pakosan to satisfy customers and achieve high quality production.